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Everything I Own

2.5 hr Audio work and Packing crate

Everything I own is a continuously recorded list, two and a half hours long, recounting exhaustively every single item owned by an individual. It is a check list of all things gathered, made and purchased that make up an individual life, the many items that construct the internal workings of a home. And a sense of an individual through objects.

The voice is extremely fatigued, tired, worn out, almost sick, struggling, attempting to recount every single thing at a point of exhaustion. The works intention is to be overwhelming, absurd and a little sad, in the amount of things one actually owns and must always account for, maintain and look after.

The work points out the preposterous amount of things we seem to need and highlights the mania of consumption. From the Micro to the Macro, everything I own recounts all parts. Like counting all the components of a vast machine

• One global chef’s knife
• One fury carving knife
• One asion style chopper
• one master carver
• one paring knife
• one sheffield steel bread knife
• one breville stainless steel kettle
• one breville toaster
• one tin of golden circle sliced beetroot
• one jar of mustard
• one jar of anchovies
• one jar of orange marmelade
• two tins of coconut cream
• one bag of bread
• one tin of pumpkin soup
• four stainless steel containers
• coffee tea
• one jar of Tasmanian leatherwood honey
• two boxes of rooibos tea
• one pack of dried seaweed crackers
• three large tins of diced tomatoes
• two small tins of baked beans
• one tin of boysenberries
• one tin of raspberries
• one tin of baked beans
• three packs of miso soup
• one jar of Vit B tablets
• one jar of Zinc tablets
• 2 packs of rice crackers
• one heat n serve pack of paneer
• one box of peppermint tea
• one tin of orange pico tea
• three stove top coffee percolators
• one pepper grinder
• one salt mill
• two bottles of olive oil
• stainless steel containers
• five boxes of redhead matches
• one yellow enamel pan
• two stainless steel large cooking pots
• one powder coated set of shelves
• four apples
• three onions
• one 550g box of eggs
• one cucumber
• one pepper
• one banana
• one large cooking tray
• two large tins of olive oil
• one large colander
• one large salad bowl
• one medium sized salad bowl
• two plastic mixing bowls
• one set of egg poachers
• one small cake tin
• one pizza tray
• one plastic containers for cereals
• one plastic container for porridge
• one box of skippy cornflakes
• one set of kitchen scales
• one stainless steel thermos flask
• one aluminium drink carrier
• two cork heat mats for pans
• four pieces of nylon carpet
• one wooden salad bowl
• one Japanese pumpkin
• one avocado
• one plastic money tree
• three rubber goldfish
• one small astronaut figure
• one britain’s toys mini
• one cardboard file container
• cookbooks:
• the enchanted broccoli forest
• CWA cookbook
• Jamie Oliver
• Eight stainless steel teaspoons
• Twelve forks
• Four sets of chopsticks
• Five spoons
• Two steak knives
• Eight ikea table knives
• Two butter spoons
• One vegetable peeler
• One Magican can opener
• One swiss army knife
• Two sharpening stones
• One honeydripper
• Three wooden spoons
• One bamboo spoon
• Two sets of barbecue tongs
• One bottle opener
• One plastic spatula
• One patisserie basting brush
• One Breville blender
• Pack of four lightbulbs
• One 75W lightbulb
• One 100W lightbulb
• Two clear 75W lightbulbs
• One 40W clear lightbulb
• Five packs of incense:
• Sandalwood
• Frankincense
• One box of Tiger mosquito coils
• One box of doop?
• Four what kinda lights?
• Six fridge magnets:
• Western Australia
• Sydney
• Shot from the sky from an airplane
• One pack greaseproof paper
• One box of aluminium foil
• One box of cling wrap
• Two boxes of sandwich bags
• One large box of redhead matches
• Nine teatowels:
• Four orange
• Two gingham
• Three pink and white cotton
• Two plain white cotton
• One old with floral motif
• One viking motif from denmark
• One box of energy savings lamps
• One bottle of almost empty Johnny walker red label whisky
• One small bottle of rum
• One bottle of moonshine brewed in Sydney
• One bottle of champagne
• One bottle of beer
• One tonic water
• One bottle of Japanese sake
• Ten storage jars containing:
• Salt
• Plain flour
• Polenta
• Almond meal
• Peanuts
• Long grain rice
• Sushi rice
• Semi sundried tomatoes
• One bottle of red wine vinegar
• One bag of pine nuts
• One bag of gnocchi
• One bottle of balsamic vinegar
• Four packs of organic penne pasta
• One bottle of red sauce
• One bottle of sesame oil
• One box of vegetable stockcubes
• Various spices:
• Cinnamon
• nutmeg
• Cracked pepper
• Oregano
• One bag of wakame seaweed
• One box of Japanese asian cooking material
• Rice sushi roller
• One jar of pickled spice ginger
• One box of mixed peanuts and dried fruit
• One bag of desiccated coconut
• One bottle of tamari
• One block of cane sugar
• Two boxes of lasagne pasta
• Six chopping boards
• Three dishcloths
• One pink scourer
• One silver pan scourer
• One green scrubbing brush
• Two black bowls
• Four white ikea cups
• One glass drinking glass
• One stainless steel cutlery drainer
• Three spoons
• Four knives
• Three forks
• Three teaspoons
• Three stainless steel pans with lids
• Two ceramic white plates
• One stainless steel dish rack

Etc, etc, etc,